High level view of your portfolio(s) including your investments, income, projections and more


Automtically import your current portfolios or Dave Fish's list and enjoy StockDiv's benefits


Diversification graphs so you will know if your portfolio is diversed enough

Dividends History

Dividends history including the declared dividends and the increase percentage history

Yearly/Monthly Matrix

A payment matrix so you can easily know when and from whom you should get paid up to a certain day


Multiple portfolios and screeners, supported by a flexible rule based filter mechanism

Conditional Formatting

A flexible rule based conditional formatting so you can easily analyze your portfolio(s)

Declared Dividends

Declared dividends are automatically added so you will know when your income is scheduled to grow

Alternative Yield

Each stock will tell you what is the alternative yield worth selling it for

Portfolio Balancing

Get quick decisions on how to balance your portfolio based on stock, dividend yield and tagging

Dividends Projection

Income charts of what you got, what you'll get and what you're projected to get in the next 10 years

Tools and Settings

A versatile toolbox including: quick calculator, time to freedom and MUCH more


Following are images from the application so you can get the feeling of it

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